Major Responsibilities

Program Management Activity

  • Project Identification & Development- To assist GoAP and ULBs in Project Identification, Project Development, Project Planning and Financial Structuring through a rigorous project development framework.
  • Project Appraisal- Including financial analysis, financing strategy and project appraisal.
  • Project Structuring- In a manner that makes projects financially viable to achieve financial closure.
  • Procurement and contract management- Identified projects in accordance with approved strategy.
  • Implementation- Of the project in line with approved strategy.
  • Project Management Services- To the ULBs/ SPVs and other project proponents to ensure efficient delivery of projects by ULBs/ project sponsors.
  • Funding assistance- To the Entity in achieving financial closure through various funding sources including available grants, funding from APUDF and other sources.
  • Operational Manual- Preparation of a detailed manual in line with the Investment Strategy of the Fund.

Fund Establishment & Management Activity

  • APUDF Fund- To set up and manage an urban infrastructure fund with an objective to lend finance to the ULB’s in the state of AP for developing urban infrastructure projects on commercial or PPP principles.
  • Fund Management- Across the lifecycle of the Fund. Fund Management services will be governed by a separate Fund / Investment Management Agreement entered between APUDF and APUIAML.
  • Investment– Proposals shortlisted for financial assistance will be put up through the approval process and projects meeting the investment guidelines will be selected for investment.
  • Investment Management- Of various securities and assets, capital market access including new infrastructure finance vehicles as per regulatory guidelines, debt syndication, bond issue, etc.
  • Fund Activities- Managing the fund activities including reporting, reviewing, value creation, managing and reviewing investments.
  • Generating Returns and Managing Exits- For the Investors in APUDF.

Institutional Development and Capacity Building

  • Assisting State Government- In institutional development and capacity building of ULBs and other institutions involved in urban planning, development and service delivery & management.